Your decisions may change the world

Your decisions may

change the world

Improve your health,

and environment for a

healthy planet

A sustainable food system allows us to take care of people, the territory and the environment.

What can you do?

First of all, follow a healthy diet and take care of yourself! Eat more fruit and vegetables, less sugar, salt and fats. And think about the environmental impact of your diet.

At home

  • Plan your menus, adjust portions and cook for several days. You will save money and you will reduce food waste
  • Make use of leftovers
  • Reduce animal protein in your diet.


In the restaurant, at school, in the hospital or at work

  • Ask about the origin of ingredients and ask your superiors to offer local and organic products.
  • Don’t forget vending machines: request to have healthy options included.

Food shopping

  • Look for fresh, seasonal and local products. Choose those that come from organic or sustainable fish farms.
  • Choose businesses that support small local producers.
  • Shop in your neighborhood and avoid using the car.
  • Look for fair trade products and those that promote decent wages.


In the street

  • Get involved! From organizations to urban gardens to consumer groups, there are many initiatives around you to build a system in which sustainable food becomes a reality.
The City of València is launching programs so that the city can move towards a sustainable food system, and is encouraging other cities to join their mission throughout 2017.