How to get involved

Civil Society

Civil society is one of the most important pillars to reach the citizens. We invite you to spread the word on the Milan Pact and the activities of València, World Sustainable Food Capital along the  year, either by linking to this website or by raising awareness through your social media networks. It is also important to ensure that the actions and strategies of this year will last and will continue to be effective and even increase in the coming years, mainly thanks to public administrations and civil society.

If your organization is developing a project, action, initiative, or meeting that complies with the objectives of the Milan Pact, you may also link it to the activities of the year.

Please send us a short description of your activity and explain how it contributes to sustainable food at the local level. If your event complies with the objectives of the Milan Pact and with our project, we will consider the option to include it on our official website and social networks, together with other initiatives.

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The Milan Pact encourages the private sector to take an active part in its content implementation by developing and disseminating sustainable food systems. You may participate by supporting local food production systems or by selling local organic products and, of course, by spreading the word on our contents and activities through your social networks.

If you also wish to share your project with our office, you may reach us through the following contact form:

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