Three Milestones in 2017

The city of València will organize three main events:

20 and 21 April

Dialogues on Nutrition and Sustainable Food Systems

A collaborative work with Universitat Politècnica de València.

Numerous renowned experts and scholars discussed the role of cities in the area of sustainable food and how to improve their food policies.


15 and 16 September

Civil society, food and sustainable cities

The event is held in the framework of the València, World Sustainable Food Capital 2017 (City of València), in order to strengthen the processes and tools of food governance between the different territorial actors of the food system.


19, 20 and 21 October

Annual Gathering and Summit of Mayors of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact

Representatives from the cities which have signed the Milan Pact will travel to València to exchange information on the progress made towards implementing sustainable food policies in their cities.

Representatives of the cities from all over the world who will sign the Milan Pact during the event will join them.